I thought I was making all the right choices in terms of staying healthy and eating well, but on my first appointment with Sonia I realised how wrong I was and I had simply been wasting my time visiting my local gym upto 6 times a week. I had a target weight in my head that I so wanted to achieve but just couldn't seem to get there by myself. Thanks to Sonia I made my target weight and most importantly am able to maintain it. Sonia set me a realistic diet and target weight to achieve which made this not so daunting. Even though I achieved my goal I still attend weekly sessions with Sonia as having a Personal Trainer in my life has made such a difference to my life, I am full of confidence now and I actually enjoy exercising which I didn't before. I just used to go to the gym to try to get to where I wanted to be, now I go because I want to.

"Sam Pearce"

Joonior Fitness
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