What is Sonia Armitage Personal Trainer?

I believe personal training is a specialist vocation that demands a high level of knowledge and training. Sonia is Level 3 qualified. Sonia Armitage Personal Trainer takes you to the next level of personal training, delivering a unique one to one experience covering your entire health. We train complete beginners who have never stepped in a gym before to very competent exercisers. We tailor everything to the client.

Where do I train?

Training sessions can take place in a variety of locations:
At your home
Target Gym - New Mill
Top Bodies - Huddersfield
At a location of your choice.

How long before I see results?

You will certainly start feeling results straightaway. Just doing some form of exercise will reduce stress and increase endorphins (a feeling of well-being). So not only will you feel great but also you will start to notice a change in how your body looks in a matter of weeks.

I have an Injury/Illness, can I still exercise?

Of course, many people come to us with injuries. Taking regular exercise can actually help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with injuries. Joint pains, arthritis, migraines, high blood pressure and hernias are just some of the other conditions we deal with regularly.

My family want to train together, is this possible?

Unlike most Personal Trainers Sonia Armitage is also qualified to train children from age 5 through to 16 so we can tailor-make a package to suit all needs. This would obviously be a cheaper alternative to one to one training.

I work full time and don't really have the time to exercise?

Training can start as early as 5am and finish as late as required. The whole point of having a Personal Trainer is to accommodate your needs and that's what we do.

I always used to get bored when I went to the gym what will be different training with you?

Here at Sonia Armitage Personal Trainer we treat all clients as individuals. We will be constantly monitoring your progress, changing your programmes to keep them interesting and varied and fun. Also you will be kept upto date with your progress on a weekly basis.

Can I afford a Personal Trainer?

All training programmes are tailor-made to suit each client, so we can tailor make the package to fit in your budget.

Why is Sonia Armitage Personal Trainer different to any other company?

Sonia Armitage Personal Trainer is a personal, friendly one to one experience. We treat everyone as an individual, you wont be just given a run of the mill training programme that you would be given in one of the commercial gyms. We are there for you at all times, we are just a phone call away at any time of day or night.

Can you help me with my diet?

Definitely. There is simply no point in training hard and then spoiling it with a bad diet. Health and fitness starts in your kitchen, eating clean, healthy food, balanced with the correct exercise that you will get from us is all you need to get you started on your goal.

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