Organic Bread

Makes two small loafs or one large.
450g organic whole wheat flour
4 table spoons of organic butter.
4 table spoons of organic raw cane sugar.
200g organic raisins.
100g organic dried apricots
100g organic broken walnuts.
4 tea spoons bread yeast.
12 table spoons organic apple or orange juice
12 table spoons organic yogurt.

1/ Put flour in huge bowl.
Rub in butter. Add all ingredients—but not the juice and yogurt –yet. Mix up by hand

2/ Warm the juice in a pan—just warm not boil.
3/ Add this to the mix along with the 12 spoons of yogurt.
4/ Mix by hand- well.
5/ Remove mix from bowl and knead on a floured service for 5 min.
6/ Cut into two loafs and shape.
7/ Place on a creased baking tray.
8/ Cover with a clean dry tea towel.
9/ Set aside in a warm place till they have doubled in size.
10/ Cook in pre heated oven 220 c—or 425 f---or gas mark 7.

Should take 35-40 min.
To test loaf is cooked –tap the underneath- hollow –it’s done.
This loaf can also be made with different dried fruits –or no nuts –or just a plain loaf to have with eggs and such. Once you have the base ingredients you can add and take away what you like.

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