Welcome to Sonia Armitage Personal Trainer

My aim is to make fitness a part of your everyday life, enjoyable fun and convenient to fit in with peoples everyday hectic schedules.

Your health and fitness starts in the kitchen. It makes sense that to get to your goal and then maintain it you need to be eating correctly to work and compliment your lifestyle. That's where I come in to work out your diet, your training schedule and then get going on the road to reach your goal. I will be here to motivate, encourage, support and help along the way.

Working with me as your Personal Trainer will be a challenge to your body as each session is tailor made for your needs, not just the run of the mill programme you are given in a gym.

You may well be very active and have plenty of fitness experience but just need a little push in the right direction or you may well be new to the fitness. It doesn't matter I am here for anyone and everyone.

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